Journey, PlayStation Network


“Experience the wonder. Discover the journey.”

As Co-Founder of thatgamecompany, Journey is our current project for the PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3. It is also our first online title. ¬†Each of our projects starts with a question, and for Journey, the question was something to the effect of – “what would an online experience be like if we removed many or all of the conventions of console online play?”

In Journey, you wake up in a vast, desert environment, and are presented with a mountaintop as your goal. The experience of Journey is about discovering what has happened in this world, who you are, and what your purpose is. Along the way, you can encounter another player like yourself, who is on their own journey. It is up to the two of you to decide if you want to play together, or separate – which is done by simply walking away. There are no lobby systems, no in-game messaging systems, and no user ID. The emphasis is on being connected with strangers.

Although I’m always excited about each of our projects at thatgamecompany, I must confess I’ve been the most nervous about this one. How would it be received? So far, the response has been so awesome. I’m very excited to get this game out there to the public.